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We can’t publish the name of this smelter, but those of you who know your way around potrooms will want to look closely at this photo. How many anode bars do you count? For those of you who know aluminum but do not know your way around an aluminum smelter, if you look carefully at […]

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I have decided to take some long-overdue vacation time. I will be on leave from Monday December 5 through to the end of February.  While I am on vacation, sipping Pina Coladas and resting in the hammock, Mr Stuart Ehrenreich will be minding the ship for me.  As Acting CEO, Stuart will be responsible for […]

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As we enter the final days of November, winter has well and truly set in, and parts of northwest China are now experiencing severe snow storms. The snow in Xinjiang is have a direct and immediate effect on aluminum prices in the eastern and southern regions in China.   For instance, Monday last week saw […]

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Shandong Weiqiao, better known by its Listed company Hongqiao, has fired a salvo in response to recent allegations. About a week ago, a website appeared with the rather unsubtle name of   The website contains a single document which carries a long list of allegations against Hongqiao.  The website and document accused Hongqiao of […]

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The organizers at Arabal remind us every year that the aluminum industry is an industry, not just a market, so we started day 1 with awards for the best safety and environmental performances. Once that and the official opening ceremonies were out of the way, we got down to our first session.   This was […]

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I am in Dubai for the 20th Arab Aluminum conference, otherwise known as Arabal. Some initial observations ahead of the first official speeches: As always, the Arabal organizers spare no expense in putting on a well-run event.   Every little detail appears to have been addressed. Numbers appear to be lower than previous years.   […]

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Guess whose smelter this is

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