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China’s aluminium prices have hit a wall recently.   After accelerating through the second half of May, prices have slipped back a little.   The gloss is coming off. At close of trading today, ShFE’s active contract was RMB12,455.   That compares with RMB12,855 just 10 days ago. There are a couple of interesting points […]

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AZ China’s 5th biennial conference will be held in Shanghai September 7-9.  But there are just 33 days to go if you want to make the most of the Early Bird special price. The Early Bird registration fee is just US$1000, but it jumps up from June 1.   Compare that price with other conferences […]

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Since late March, we have been aware of some financial plays in the aluminium space, but even despite the warning we got, we did not forecast the jump in the Shanghai metal price.   ShFE has gone from RMB9865 at the end of November to RMB12,820 today.   That’s a rise of 30% in 5 […]

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The production data for March came out last night, and the data that was published destroys any remaining credibility for the people who put the number together. According to the statistics page on the IAI, China aluminium production was 2.6 million tonnes in March. That compares to 2.07 million tonnes in February and 2.5 million tonnes […]

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I will be appearing on the Reuters Base Metals Forum tomorrow. The Reuters Base Metals Forum is your chance to hit me up with some questions.   The forum starts with an interview where Reuters Columnist Andy Home discusses some of the key issues with me. The the panel is opened up and anyone can […]

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I have just read a brief report by Bloomberg’s Martin Ritchie on a client note issued by Citigroup.  I haven’t seen the Citigroup report itself, but Martin’s report makes it pretty clear that Citigroup expects China to continue exporting aluminium. Citigroup sees a surplus of metal in China as the primary catalyst for exports continuing […]

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