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As you know the conference is a little over two weeks away so we’re adding the finishing touches. We’ve sent out confirmation forms to the attendees for administrative purposes,. This will ensure we have all your correct information, which will enable us to cater for any specific dietary needs should you have one. If you […]

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Henan Province had its most expensive environmental fine handed out to a polluter since the new law was introduced.  The company who incurred this fine will be quite familiar to us because it is the second time we mentioned this company in our blog this month. It is Luoyang Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminium. Wanji Aluminium received the fine […]

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Around 7pm on 8th of August, Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminium’s red mud storage had a landslide accident. Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminium is a private alumina refinery. It was established in 2005 by Xinjiang Group Co. Ltd and Luoyang Xinan Power Grid Group Co. Ltd. The established annual capacity is 1.2 million tonnes of alumina. The red mud storage which […]

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We at AZ China have been forecasting aluminium prices to fall, as supply ramps up and demand proves to be less strong than appears.   And we aren’t the only ones – I just read a Bloomberg report that the ANZ bank in Australia expects the same. But they and we have not counted into […]

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We reported recently about the ambitious move by Sinoway Carbon to move to high temperature calcining.   This method burns sulphur off out of the petcoke, theoretically allowing the calciner to use petcokes with sulphur levels of up to 8% and still produce a CPC suitable for an anode. This morning I received an update […]

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The aluminium and carbon raw materials industries are facing a new challenge, following the recent floods that disrupted some plants.   This new challenge is man-made however, and comes from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The first round of Central Environmental Protection Inspections was launched with the approval of the Communist Party Central Committee and the State […]

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