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Wuhan Iron & Steel Group. and Bao Steel have announced they will be merging.   Shares in the publicly-listed arms were suspended on Monday. Bao Steel (Baogang) received the notice from SASAC last Friday to communicate and work closely with Wuhan Iron & Steel (Wugang) to come up with a merge plan. The pattern of strategic […]

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China’s news media is carrying a story today that 11 construction workers were killed at a Chalco alumina plant in Henan province yesterday. According to the Chinese news stories, the accident occurred while workers were dismantling a settling tank.   During the process the tank was dislodged and fell on top of the workers.   […]

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For those of you interested in the world of calcined coke we have some BIG news. The AZ China Conference in September will feature at least EIGHT calcining companies, with six of them on the stage at the same time. Our Calcined Coke panel discussion will feature the Presidents, Vice Presidents or Directors of (in alphabetical order): […]

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Data released today by China’s Customs Department shows some intriguing numbers.   May 2016 saw semis exports increase slightly, to 370,000t, while raw aluminium exports dropped by a whopping 95%. The more remarkable number of the two is the semis exports.   Against headwinds such as increasing heat from the USA and other quarters, and […]

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I saw yet another chart today looking at China’s aluminium production and the impact on prices.   The chart show the wild swings through February and March when the official data was manifestly wrong, yet the authors of the chart failed to even mention the numbers. The message is simple.  If you are an investor […]

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Sinoway Carbon are now officially on the countdown for their controversial expansion project. Sinoway, based in Weifang in Shandong province, launched their expansion almost as soon as the first phase was completed and operational.  The most noteworthy feature of their new plant, and the most controversial, is the fact that the calciner will be ultra […]

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SASAC merges two steel companies

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