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At around 3:15pm on 22nd of September, Shandong Yankuang Keao Aluminium arranged a full stop on its rectifier unit for its potlines. It meant Keao formally shut down all aluminium production lines. Yankuang Keao Aluminium was established in 2002 and it started production in November 2003. From that time to last week, the plant totally produced […]

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This week I received the feedback report for our recent AZ China conference. Conference attendees gave us some excellent feedback.   There were lots of positive comments, plus several suggestions for improvement.   A couple of people didn’t like the hotel, though people were generally in favour of holding the conference in Shanghai.  The simultaneous […]

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Those readers who have travelled around China will be well used to the sight of overloaded trucks.   Sometimes the loads appear to defy gravity, but most of the time it’s simply a case of dangerous stupidity. Have you ever wondered why so many trucks in China overload themselves?   It’s because of the taxes and […]

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The August aluminium production data has been published by IAI. Monthly production increased slightly to 2713Kt in August. The daily production catches up from July’s 86Kt to 88Kt in August. When we check the China Q2 aluminium production, the April production decreased compared to March. The aluminium Changjiang price broke RMB12,000 in April and smelters […]

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Reuters recently ran a story quoting Rusal’s Oleg Mukhamedshin as saying that aluminium prices would stabilise next year.   Mr Mukhamedshin, who is Deputy Chief Executive of the company, predicted that prices would run between $1,600 and $1,700 in 2017.   But he also put some very tight qualifications on his prediction. According to Mr […]

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Around 6am on 7th of September, Balco Aluminium in India had an explosion accident in their potrooms. There has been no loss of life. Some reports say 168 pots had been halted as a result of the accident, while other reports put the number at 86.  But it seems the first number is the correct […]

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Keao shuts Production

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