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Each year, the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday seems to attract more and more attention from people around the world. We often think about it in terms of how we westerners celebrate the Western New Year, with parties and singing and fireworks.  In fact, CNY has more of a Christmas or Thanksgiving meaning to most Chinese people. […]

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I will be in Tennessee next week for this year’s TMS. It is a sign of the tough times in our industry that companies are downsizing the numbers they send to TMS, or deciding to not attend at all.   Companies are feeling the pinch, and at a departmental level budgets get pared down.   […]

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It was a dramatic year for China’s aluminum import and export in 2015. In April of last year, China implemented zero tariff for certain aluminum products such as non alloy aluminum bars, rods, aluminum alloy bars, rods, low alkali refining aluminum alloy products. Such events raised huge criticism and fear around the world that China […]

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Long time China aluminium watchers will know the name of Xiao Yaqing.   Mr Xiao was the man at the head of Chalco in the formative years that saw China’s aluminium industry accelerate from nowhere to now 55% of all global production. Mr Xiao has been appointed head of SASAC – the State Assets Supervision […]

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It is the year of Monkey in 2016 based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Monkey is the 9th animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac. Monkey is a clever and lively animal. The monkey was thereby bestowed with an auspicious and dignified meaning. That is how we wish for the aluminium and carbon industry in the […]

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At AZ China, we are driven by a passion to provide our clients and subscribers with the best insights into the industry and the market.   We are constantly reviewing our weekly and monthly reports, looking to bring a better product.   As an information company, if we haven’t enlightened you, we haven’t done our […]

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