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Thank you to all of you whom we met during TMS last week.   We had an excellent exchange of views and information.   More importantly, it was good to catch up with so many old friends, and to make some new friends.

Generally, the mood of the conference was somewhere between gloomy and determined.   We found many who were preparing to do some new things this year, or to employ some sharper tactics in the marketplace.   Many of you gave me feedback that my position was somewhat more optimistic than most.    That may be, but I developed my view from the facts before me.   I am aware that most people think the Chinese economy is set to remain in the doldrums for maybe another year or more.    But when I read these opinions, I don’t find any supporting data.   Too many so-called experts find it easier and safer to tip the market to continue in its current path.   At the least, it will be a good subject to review at next year’s TMS.

Thanks also to those people who gave me such kind comments following my paper on the Tuesday morning.    I am glad you found it useful.    Those of you who are subscribers will receive an email shortly, giving you a link to download a PDF version of the PPT.   If you are not a subscriber, please email me and I will send you a copy.



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