BLACK CHINA BLOG - April, 2017

The world media has been awash with the news that President Trump has ordered an investigation into whether there is a national security threat angle in the USA’s imports of aluminum.   Several counties are caught in this investigation, but the main target is China. Known as the 232 investigation, Trump’s action on aluminum follows a […]

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At AZ China we’re constantly thinking of ways to improve the service we give to our subscribers, that’s how the AZ China WeChat group was born. We felt the need to give you even more precise information in a quicker manner and we came up with a concept that we believe is quite beneficial for […]

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In 24th April, approved by the CPC Central Committee and State Council, the third batch of central environmental protection inspection work officially started. Generally the inspection in each province will last one month from 24th April to 24th May, covering Tianjin, Shanxi, Liaoning, Anhui, Fujian, Hunan and Guizhou and focusing on understanding the provincial party […]

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Based on IAI data, China’s March aluminum production increased from February’s 2534kt to 2707Kt in March.  But the daily production volume dropped from February’s 91Kt to 87Kt.   It was a drop of 4% in run rate. Based on our pipeline report in March, the operating capacity was 37902Kt. Compared to February, it was an […]

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On April 15, Xinjiang Changji People’s Government decided to stop the advance of three enterprises in violation of the construction of electrolytic aluminum production capacity projects. Xinjiang East Hope Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. built 800,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, Xinjiang Qiya Aluminum Co., Ltd with 800,000 tons, and Xinjiang Jiarun Resources Holdings Co., Ltd. built 400,000 tons.  On […]

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It seems likely more closures of smelters will occur later this year.  This follows the weekend’s disclosure that Beijing has ordered closures of 3 smelters in Xinjiang, for a total of 2 million tons of metal units. According to some documents we saw, there is a 4-point plan coming out to weed out any remaining […]

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