On April 15th, Xinjiang Changji People’s Government issued a notice on its government website with the announcement to stop Xinjiang Jiarun, Xingjiang East Hope, and Xinjiang Qiya’s illegal aluminum projects. Led by Changji’s news, soon we saw similar documents issued from four major national departments – NDRC, MIIT, MLR and MEP – on cleaning up the […]

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China will launch its  national carbon trading market in July. Carbon trading is a market mechanism used to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions.  How to allocate the quota will directly affect the enterprise’s own operating costs and the enthusiasm of participating in the carbon market. The basic principle of carbon trading is that polluters can purchase […]

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China held its “One Belt, One Road Summit” from May 14th to May 15th. It was one of the most important international events Beijing held in 2017. About 1500 delegates including 29 heads of state or government from more than 130 countries and over 70 international organisations attended. One Belt, One Road is abbreviated as […]

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Last week,  news of Shandong Government cleaning up illegal aluminum production came out, but the content is disappointing.  The ambiguous description of the document didn’t give the market a jolt; aluminum prices only maintain a small  run, the SHFE aluminum prices rebound a little in the main aluminum futures contract after hitting 13500 yuan/ton mark, but the […]

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Yesterday, Chalco officially announced that they will shut down 970kt alumina capacity to ensure the benefit maximisation, or in other words to minimise “LOSSES”.  As reported before, it should include the alumina refining of Chalco Shanxi, which has annual capacity of 800kt. So how terrible is the market condition now?  In my personal opinion, the […]

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People are talking about Shandong cutting around 2 million tons of illegal aluminum capacity. Finally, Shandong issued the formal document regards to this topic with the title Notice on the Issuance of Special Action Plan to Rectify the Illegal electrolytic aluminum industry in Shandong. This document was issued by four major departments in Shandong: Shandong […]

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