Since entering March, aluminum prices did not find further highs as the market had expected, and even found a small decline.  Up to now, the Shanghai Futures Exchange aluminum main contract to maintain 13500-14300 yuan / ton range, before the daily fluctuations up to 400-500 yuan/ton of the market temporarily difficult to find; LME aluminum basically […]

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In our weekly report this week, we reported Qixing Aluminum halted both its aluminum and alumina production on March 14th due to financial reasons. Its nameplate capacity is 140Kt, but was running at 70Kt before they curtailed the aluminum production. Just two weeks after they curtailed the aluminum and alumina production, Qixing Group’s supply of […]

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In the eighties of last century, China was defined as a bicycle country. But by now, if you have a chance come to China first-tier or some second tier cities, a new discovery is a large number of bicycles began to re-enter the roads.  They are colourful and different styles while with a same goal […]

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Liaocheng smelter in Shandong province will close 30% of its smelting capacity next winter.  The city fathers have announced they will implement cuts to factories in a wide variety of industries, including cement, steel, pharmaceutical, pesticide and aluminum. We understand the smelter will run at top possible amps in the run-up to the shut-down. The announcement […]

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Those of you who have been following China’s aluminum industry for some time will know that China has had several attempts at curbing old inefficient smelters, with modest success (for “modest”, read “almost none.”) Back in 2004/2005 China outlawed any smelter that was under 50,000t capacity.  The idea was to force Soderberg plants to close. […]

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From 2017 February 15th to March 15th, the central environmental inspection team did the first air quality inspections for 2017. As we reported last week, the inspections had a direct though small impact on the aluminum industry. Linfeng Aluminum and Power idled 50 pots and shut 28 pots till now because the environmental team were […]

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