Aluminum prices have performed meekly since May, as we entered the low season for demand. The average SHFE active price bounced around RMB13714 in the first half of June. But the price suddenly rebounded and hiked to RMB13995 on June 20th. What caused the price rise and how long will it last? On June 15th, the […]

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China’s appetite for bauxite and alumina is still growing, so it’s interesting to see what has happened since the days of Indonesia’s ban and the unlikely rise of Malaysia.   Guinea has now risen to be the big mover, replacing both countries.    For Weiqiao (also known as Hongqiao), they seem to have the supply […]

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Well-known and well-respected aluminum professional Matt Powell has accepted a position at Liberty House Group. Matt was previously at Century Aluminum, then at Ormet.   When Ormet closed about 3 years ago, Matt started his own trading and consulting company International Aluminum Solutions.  But soon after that, Matt also joined forces with Michael Wrotniak at […]

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Last week, aluminum prices appeared first fell then rose, influenced by the surged production and weak demand at the beginning of the week. After news of strict control of electrolytic aluminum production capacity in Xinjiang began to spread in the market, aluminum prices were briefly boosted. But the market became suspicious about the implementation efforts of these […]

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China’s EPA recently issued a draft document called  “Notice on the Implementation of Special Emission Limits for Air Pollutants in Beijing, Tianjin and the Surrounding Areas”.   it’s part of the  environmental inspections and total environmental improvement push. This document covered 26+2 cities around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas. For newly established projects, the special emission […]

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As summer approaches, its winter for China’s aluminum industry. Whenever China is entering into the hot summer, the downstream processing factories will enter to their low production season. The demand from downstream will get soft. For example, the construction work which will be done outdoors slows down because of the hot weather. Construction is the largest aluminum […]

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