It seems not so long ago we were celebrating the New Year … oh wait a minute, we were.  This year, Chinese New Year is just a few weeks after Western New Year. (It always puzzled me why it was called Spring Festival, since it was often snowing and there wasn’t a bloom or blossom […]

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At the beginning of 2017, aluminum performed an outstanding result. SHFE broke RMB14000 on January 25th and LME Aluminum was at an 18-month high of USD1839 in the same week. Last November, China’s aluminum price performed very strongly, driven by the impact of the speculative fund, environmental control and transportation policies. At that time, the LME price […]

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China’s aluminum production in December was 2891Kt, according to the IAI.   It remained flat with November’s daily production number.  It is a daily run rate of 93,000t per day. If you subscribe to our weekly reports, you must have noticed the added capacity news from restarts and new projects in recent months.  Hardly a week […]

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Alcoa Portland smelter curtailed one potline for more than five hours when they experienced a power failure on 1st of December. More than 200 pots cooled and solidified. At the moment, Alcoa Portland is running at 30% of its capacity. It costs this 30 year old smelter around $1 million a day for the curtailment. This […]

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According to the 2017 aluminum market trend, we think that the aluminum market will maintain a steady rise gradually. Below is our analysis: From the supply side, by the end of November 2016, the aluminum production capacity was 42.627 million tons, and the opening capacity was 35.814 million tons. The output was 29.363 million tons […]

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China’s November import volume is 41,877 tons. It is 31,265 tons more than the October import volume. Compared to the same period last year, the November primary import volume was up by 258% YoY. China’s November aluminum price performed very strongly. It was boosted by speculative funds to the year’s high record of RMB15380 on […]

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