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  The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has proposed measures in a draft policy document aimed at curbing the deteriorating air quality around key cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas. The draft rule includes a total of 28 cities in Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and Hebei provinces. Yesterday, it was announced that the first […]

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The feature chart tells a story that subscribers to our Weekly Carbon Monitor are already across.   Since the start of January, prices have taken off. The lower quality material has risen by 17.5% in 2 months, and that’s on an 8-week moving average basis. The thing is, anode prices are the last to react. […]

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On December 15, the Beijing Government issued a broad alert to several surrounding provinces warning of severe pollution affecting the entire area for the next few days. China has a multi-level pollution alert system, with Red Alerts being the highest level. According to the announcement, the pollution levels these next days will be beyond the […]

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AZ China is about to issue the latest edition of the Semester Pricing Handbook, our quarterly publication designed to support anyone negotiating petcoke or CPC contracts.   That includes buyers and sellers. There has been a lot of close scrutiny on calcined coke prices, especially since last year when prices dived, and some buyers capitalized […]

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We have reported several times recently about the waves of environmental inspections that are taking place in China right now.   It has been clear to us that the authorities are ratcheting up the pressure, though it’s still not totally clear what the impact will be on the aluminum industry or on the raw materials […]

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Even since our post a couple of days ago, the situation regarding the impact of the environmental inspections is becoming murkier.  The carbon side of the market is showing  signs of a sudden and seismic shift. Subscribers to our Weekly Carbon Monitor will know that we called a steep rise in petcoke prices about 10 […]

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