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On March 22nd, Shandong Province started a new Environmental Protection Inspection. They have organized five inspection teams. This inspection will last around one month. It will cover 10 cities including Weifang, Dongying, Jining, Heze, Taian, Rizhao, Zibo, Binzhou, Liaocheng and Laiwu. Through the provincial environmental protection inspectors, they will: focus on the understanding and implementation of national […]

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Liaocheng smelter in Shandong province will close 30% of its smelting capacity next winter.  The city fathers have announced they will implement cuts to factories in a wide variety of industries, including cement, steel, pharmaceutical, pesticide and aluminum. We understand the smelter will run at top possible amps in the run-up to the shut-down. The announcement […]

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From 2017 February 15th to March 15th, the central environmental inspection team did the first air quality inspections for 2017. As we reported last week, the inspections had a direct though small impact on the aluminum industry. Linfeng Aluminum and Power idled 50 pots and shut 28 pots till now because the environmental team were […]

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During the tough reforming period in China, petroleum coke, or petcoke has suffered much, with calcining plants being ordered to cut capacity or close completely. But if you talk about aluminum, you must acknowledge that petcoke is important now and in future.The process for making aluminum has not changed in decades, so if demand for aluminum is […]

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The recent price of aluminum has consolidated around 14,000 yuan/ton, but with a lack of clear direction, resulting in significant differences in market sentiment.Bears presently outweigh bulls, but traders do not need to be too pessimistic. On the cost side, after the Spring Festival although China’s alumina prices have dropped more than 100 yuan/ton, the pre-bake anode, […]

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Aluminum smelters in Henan province are worried about a small plant in the south of the province.   Linfeng smelter, with only 250kt capacity, is causing smelters elsewhere in Henan province to lose sleep. That’s because the Henan government has ordered the smelter to cut 30% of its capacity for as long as the environmental […]

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