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As the end of Chinese Lantern Festival last week, aluminum processing enterprises successively returned to business, and started ordering replacement metal stocks. That caused metal prices to rise.  The aluminum price of the dominant contract of SHFE peaked at RMB14000/ton from the lowest price of RMB13770/ton on Monday. The largest price rise was as much […]

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Since the Chinese New Year break, the spot price of aluminum has jumped to RMB14,000/t. Positive macro-economic performance and signals of limited supply overseas are pushing the future market up and gave a strong support to spot market. The recent concerns about cuts to capacity because of environmental restrictions have contributed. As aluminum production grows, demand for […]

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  The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has proposed measures in a draft policy document aimed at curbing the deteriorating air quality around key cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas. The draft rule includes a total of 28 cities in Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and Hebei provinces. Yesterday, it was announced that the first […]

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On December 15, the Beijing Government issued a broad alert to several surrounding provinces warning of severe pollution affecting the entire area for the next few days. China has a multi-level pollution alert system, with Red Alerts being the highest level. According to the announcement, the pollution levels these next days will be beyond the […]

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We have reported several times recently about the waves of environmental inspections that are taking place in China right now.   It has been clear to us that the authorities are ratcheting up the pressure, though it’s still not totally clear what the impact will be on the aluminum industry or on the raw materials […]

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China’s State Council has issued its 5-year plan for controlling greenhouse gas emissions.   The plan is part of the overall set of 5-year plans. According to the plan, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will fall by 18% compared to 2015.   In addition to carbon dioxide, controls will be tightened on various […]

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