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China’s National People’s Congress last month adopted a revised Environment Protection Law which is set to go into force January 1st, 2015. The new law includes 23 new clauses and becomes much stricter than the previous edition. The new law authorises the Environmental Protection department various legal rights to protect the environment, by sealing up […]

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In order to control and manage the deteriorating environment, China’s government has revised emissions standards as of last week. As one of the highest polluting industries, aluminium emission standards now include atmospheric pollutant emission limits. The previous rules (GB25465-2010) did not specify the particulate air pollutant emission limits before, which will now apply for special areas only (i.e.  […]

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The following article appeared in “The Idependent on Sunday” today. China “systematically wrecked” the Copenhagen climate summit because it feared being presented with a legally binding target to cut the country’s soaring carbon emissions, a senior official from an EU country, present during the negotiations, told The Independent on Sunday yesterday. The accusation, backed up […]

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