Aluminum smelters in Henan province are worried about a small plant in the south of the province.   Linfeng smelter, with only 250kt capacity, is causing smelters elsewhere in Henan province to lose sleep. That’s because the Henan government has ordered the smelter to cut 30% of its capacity for as long as the environmental […]

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China held its important Lianghui or two sessions (National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing) starting March 3rd. One of the most important sessions of the NPC is the Premier’s Work Report. Premier Li Keqiang announced in his Report that China sets 2017 economic growth target at around 6.5% with optimism that this will […]

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Today we bring you some random facts about AZ China… The company registered in November 2006 and didn’t start operations until 2007. Our very first client was Alcan Cable. Our staff is located in different parts of China: Beijing, Shandong province and Xi nian. We publish weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for the aluminium industry […]

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Do you still remember what had happened in the carbon industry last year? China’s carbon industry  has been in a state of limited production since the middle of last year, at the same time as smelters were adding capacity. The resulting short supply caused prices to leap. Yet the operating rates in the industry have […]

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China’s “Air Pollution Control” regulation was formally approved on Feb. 20 and published on Feb. 28. It came into effect on Wednesday. It may sound pretty innocuous but, make no mistake, it represents a potential redefinition of the global aluminum market.   The world’s largest producer of the metal will force aluminum smelters in four […]

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China released its 2016 total energy consumption report last week, with growth of 1.4% to 4.36 billion tons of standard coal in 2016. Compared to 2015’s 4.3 billion tons of standard coal in 2015, it was a not a big rise. On February 17th, the National Energy Board issued its 2017 Energy Work Guidance, it […]

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