At AZ China we pride ourselves on the great relationship we have with the media, it is an honor for us to say that we’re one of the most trusted sources of information in the industry. As you may already know, we’ve been active participants on the Reuters forum for quite some time now and […]

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Last week, the price of aluminum pulled back from recent highs. Influenced by Xinjiang’s statistics of  illegal production capacity and Chinese Hongqiao’s announcement of cutting 250,000 tons of aluminum production, aluminum prices were up sharply at the beginning of the week, with the main aluminum futures contracts surpassing 14000 Yuan/ton.  But then a large number […]

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In this new edition of China Insights, we’ll be covering lessons on understanding China data and the people who provide it. The Facebook Live will take place on June 22nd at 8am NYC time/ 8pm Beijing time. As always, here are some pointers: Anonymity: If you wish to remain anonymous, (meaning you don’t want people […]

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Aluminum prices have performed meekly since May, as we entered the low season for demand. The average SHFE active price bounced around RMB13714 in the first half of June. But the price suddenly rebounded and hiked to RMB13995 on June 20th. What caused the price rise and how long will it last? On June 15th, the […]

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China’s appetite for bauxite and alumina is still growing, so it’s interesting to see what has happened since the days of Indonesia’s ban and the unlikely rise of Malaysia.   Guinea has now risen to be the big mover, replacing both countries.    For Weiqiao (also known as Hongqiao), they seem to have the supply […]

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Well-known and well-respected aluminum professional Matt Powell has accepted a position at Liberty House Group. Matt was previously at Century Aluminum, then at Ormet.   When Ormet closed about 3 years ago, Matt started his own trading and consulting company International Aluminum Solutions.  But soon after that, Matt also joined forces with Michael Wrotniak at […]

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