China’s petroleum coke market unexpectedly became weak in the last couple of weeks, led by the teapots refineries.  As the chart shows, the monthly price from independent refineries started to weaken during April and May, and tumbled down at the start of June. Meanwhile prices at the big SOE refineries remained stable.The change in teapot refineries’ […]

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We’ll be holding another session of our China Insights series this Thursday, June 8th at 9pm Shanghai time, we’ll be covering various topics, including the Qatar dispute.   Here are some pointers: Anonymity: If you wish to remain anonymous, (meaning you don’t want people to know you’re watching the stream) abstain from commenting. The only […]

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China’s EPA recently issued a draft document called  “Notice on the Implementation of Special Emission Limits for Air Pollutants in Beijing, Tianjin and the Surrounding Areas”.   it’s part of the  environmental inspections and total environmental improvement push. This document covered 26+2 cities around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas. For newly established projects, the special emission […]

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A conflict between Middle Eastern nations has isolated Qatar from its neighbours.  In the process, it has caused problems for the Qatalum smelter. Norsk Hydro, 50% owner of the smelter along with Qatar Petroleum, has published a statement saying that shipments of finished metal have struck problems.  According to the announcement, shipments go through the […]

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The world is dealing with and reacting to the announcement this morning that the USA will withdraw from the Paris Environment pact.  While there is already plenty of comment floating through social media, I felt moved to express my own views. As always, it’s best to start with the facts.   America can’t actually withdraw until […]

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As summer approaches, its winter for China’s aluminum industry. Whenever China is entering into the hot summer, the downstream processing factories will enter to their low production season. The demand from downstream will get soft. For example, the construction work which will be done outdoors slows down because of the hot weather. Construction is the largest aluminum […]

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