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Weekly market review April 28 2009

Alumina   Imported alumina prices rose US$5-10/tonne to US$260-270/tonne. Meanwhile, domestic non-Chalco alumina prices remained unchanged at RMB2350-2370/tonne, and the Chalco price stayed stable at RMB2300/tonne.     Aluminium   Last week, Chalco`s aluminium price remained unchanged at RMB13800/tone. According to National Bureau of Statistics data, China produced 902,300 tonnes of primary aluminium in March Continue Reading

Interview with Manny Mannweiler

Doctor Ulrich Mannweiler is perhaps better known to many of us simply as Manny.   I caught up with Manny when he was in Beijing recently, and asked him about his views on the market. Manny, thanks for agreeing to this interview.   You are certainly a well-known and well-respected identity in the industry.   Can you tell Continue Reading

Varying predictions on China 2009 GDP

The following article appeared in today’s China Daily.   They give predominance to the CASS forecast, which is the most optimistic.   This think-tank has proven itself to be very reliable and accurate in its publications, so is worth following.    China GDP to grow by 8.3% in 2009, says CASS The Chinese economy is projected to grow 8.3 percent Continue Reading

Weekly market review April 22, 2009

 Alumina  Market demand for alumina has increased with the recent resumption of aluminium production. Last week, alumina prices rose slightly. Imported alumina prices were up US$5-10/tonne to US$250-265/tonne. The domestic non-Chalco alumina price rose RMB20-50/tonne to RMB2350-2370/tonne. The Chalco price remained unchanged at RMB2300/tonne.    Aluminium  The situation on the Chinese aluminium market changed last Continue Reading

China Q1 GDP 6.1%, early signs of improvement

Acknowledgements to Reuters for this story.    For China’s four economic levers, exports are the one which continue to weigh heavily on GDP growth.  Government spending and investment are both strong, though perhaps not for the right reasons.   The fourth lever, consumer spending, is not directly addressed here.   But with inflation much lower and with the Continue Reading

Weekly market review April 14, 2009

Alumina Last week, alumina prices increased only slightly. Imported alumina prices rose US$15/tonne to US$245-255/tonne. On the other hand, the domestic non-Chalco alumina price remained unchanged at RMB2300-2350/tonne. The Chalco price also remained stable at RMB2300/tonne.   Aluminium Reserves building by the central government and at the provincial level had a stronger market impact over Continue Reading

Mid-year rebound forecast

The following article appeared in the China Daily.   Recognising that the China Daily is hardly a worthy unbiased reporter, nevertheless there are some encouraging signs.   Exports continue to be a drag, but this was always going to be the case. By Wang Bo (China Daily) Updated: 2009-04-08 07:43   The government’s $586-billion stimulus package may Continue Reading

Weekly market review April 8 2009

Alumina The National Strategic Reserves Board (SRB) purchases of aluminium have begun to positively affect the domestic alumina market. Last week, imported alumina prices rose US$20/tonne to US$230-240/tonne. Meanwhile, domestic non-Chalco alumina prices have risen RMB370-400/tonne to RMB2300-2350/tonne, while the Chalco price went up RMB100/tonne to RMB2300/tonne.  Aluminium Thanks to SRB purchases, Chalco’s aluminium prices Continue Reading

Clive comes clean on COP and coke

One feature of the coke and carbon market is that once it’s in the blood, there’s no escaping.   This is a market where folk can easily spend decades of their life, building friendships, knowledge, reputation and profits. I had the good fortune to meet with Clive Webber at TMS in San Francisco recently.   Clive is Continue Reading

Carbonless aluminium – Chinese scientists make breakthrough

Chinese scientists working at a top secret laboratory in Siyue Yihao in China’s Ganbei province have developed a new process for reducing alumina into aluminium. “For a century and a half, the fundamental process for producing aluminium has not changed”, said Shazi Xiaohua, head of the research team.   “But we have discovered a method that Continue Reading