Rusal signs LTA for green coke

Written by Paul Adkins

Further to our post about Rusal stopping the purchase of green coke from China (see here), a press release has now come out, with more details about their future plans.

Rusal has signed a 5-year agreement with Gazprom NEFT, the Russian natural gas and oil conglomerate.   Under the agreement, which came into force at the start of this year, the coke will be supplied from the Omsk Refinery, the largest of Gazprom Neft’s refining assets. Under the contract, RUSAL will receive up to one million tonnes of petroleum coke over the life of the contract.

According to the press release, Gazprom Neft plans to upgrade the Omsk Refinery’s coke production facilities. The company is considering options to improve coke production efficiency of the existing coke plant and build new production units.

The press release did not mention pricing formulas, nor did it talk about any plans to add calcining capacity.

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