May holiday

China will have a three day public holiday starting tomorrow, April 29, so the office will be closed until Wednesday. Our weekly report subscribers will get the report two days early as a result.

Over the upcoming weekend, our May 1st early bird discount for the May 22 conference will expire. If you haven’t registered yet and would still like to take advantage of this discount, please take action today.

5 top topics to be discussed at the conference:

1. Once a decade, China gets a new leadership team. What are the implications?

2.  Will China continue its path of becoming the world leader in smelting technology?

3. How will calcined coke be marketed and priced in the future?

4. What does the second half of 2012 and the next year hold in store in terms of China’s economy? 

5.  What are the risks for forming or not forming strategic partnerships with Chinese suppliers?

We are packing in as much valuable content and discussions as possible and are anticipating a great event.

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