TMS live blog 7 – Oh brothers (Simonsen) where art thou?

Seen wandering the Sheraton lobby yesterday for at least a couple of hours was a chauffeur carrying a sign reading simply “Simonsen”. After he had made several passes, one lap every 20 minutes, your humble blogger approached the guy and helpfully suggested that if Morten and Klaus were in the area, you would surely know. One thing about my old friends from Denmark – they are not easily overlooked!

It reminds me of a time when we three plus Jorgen were dining in a very nice restaurant in Grenoble, France. After a while, the manager came over and told us that other diners were complaining that we were too loud. The father and two sons found this to be uproariously funny. Truly, they were nowhere near as loud as I have seen them in other restaurants.

Another dining expereience, this time in Newcastle, finished with Morten and Klaus joining Professor Ici (not his real name, but anyone who knows him will know that nickname) in singing crooning love songs to other diners, while attempting a little pole dancing. Just a regular evening when dining with the Simonsens.

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