TMS live blog 9 (and last) Wrap up, pack up, see ya!

Thursday lunchtime, SeaTac airport.   We had our last meeting of the TMS 2010 program this morning.   Yet another 7am start, followed by an hour wait for a 9am that didn’t show.

All in all, we did pretty well as far as SNAFUs, stuff ups, double bookings, no-shows and so on were concerned.   A couple of wrong hotels, which required a quick sprint to the correct hotel   Fortunately this year’s hotels weren’t too far apart.   And the traipse from the Westin to the Sheraton allowed us to say a quick hello to the many others doing the same rounds in reverse direction.    Onl two no-shows, with one apology (due to illness).

TMS is good because it gives a chance to meet old friends, and make new friends.   It is always good to say hi to Mike Tillman for instance.    I reckon Howie and Karen and Frank win the award for the people I have seen most often at TMS.   I made new friends from Brazil this year, including Guilherme, Anderson and Marcus.     Although I did not have a scheduled session with them, the Simonsens are always at TMS.   (And every year, Jorgen says he will slowing down in the coming year.)

And so we all pack up and head to the airport.   Time to collect thoughts, compare opinions, and prepare the contact reports.

Which leaves just one thing to say…. See you in San Diego.

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