Aluminium smelter news

News from around the industry.

UC Rusal has announced that they will resume construction of its Boguchany smelter. Phase one, comprising 147,000t, will commence operations in 2013.

Garmco has shelved plans to build a rolling mill in the Sohar precinct, instead focusing on their existing plant in Bahrain.

A consortium of Japanese investors is looking to take a stake in the part-Japanese owned smelter in Indonesia. The Indonesian government has been looking to increase its holding in the operation, prompting the Japanese to increase their own position.

Chalco is said to be about to raise its price for domestic alumina, in light of continued strength in the primary aluminium industry. This is despite imports almost doubling in July, from 140,000t in June, to 270,000t last month. The Chalco price for alumina currently stands at RMB2650. The talk is that the price will rise to RMB2800.

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