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Indonesian bauxite crisis deceased?

Written by Paul Adkins

This is one of those stories that need to be told, even though the truth of the matter may never be revealed.Several sources have reported the mysterious death of the Indonesian Deputy Minister for Mines recently.

It seems he died as a result of a mountain-climbing accident, even though he had never been known as an enthusiast of the sport.

The point that Ian Levy of Australian Bauxite Resources makes is that this man was the one leading the push to tighten controls on the export of commodities such as bauxite.

Mr Rice claims that the indonesian mining industry is rife with corruption, with huge payments flowing back to Army generals and wealthy families.  The intended ban on exports would have stopped those payments.   But with this deputy minister now dead, the money can continue flowing and China’s primary aluminium industry can breath a sigh of relief.

Apparently there had already been some discussions between the Chinese and the Indonesians as to how to prevent a crisis.   Those talks will now take a back seat.

Meantime, China imported a record amount of bauxite in March, taking 5.26 million tonnes.   Clearly China was trying to build stock ahead of action by the Indonesians.    It will be interesting to see the import statistics for May, the first full month after the death of this government official.