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Goodbye BHPB Aluminium, hello ?

BHP Billiton has announced that it intends to package its aluminium, nickel and some other assets into a new company. In a move that has been anticipated for more than a year, BHPB said that its Chief Financial Officer Graham Kerr would be CEO of the new company, which analysts say will have a net Continue Reading

BHPB to close Bayside

South Africa’s Bayside Aluminium smelter looks set to close later this year, after BHP Billiton announced that it is conducting talks with employees on mitigating job losses. The plan would be to retain the casting operations using liquid metal from Hillside smelter. Bayside is the baby of the smelters in that corner of the world, Continue Reading

All shiny metals look alike…

BHP Billiton has announced that it will merge its aluminium division with its stainless steel materials division, to form a new larger entity within the group. According to the BHPB website, “… individually, Aluminium and Nickel are small divisions relative to the other businesses in BHP Billiton. The combination of these into a single business Continue Reading

BHPB battling anode problems in Hillside

BHP Billiton has recently advised clients in Japan that shipments of aluminium may be affected by some operational problems with their anodes at the Hillside smelter. According to the note that went to customers, metal purity is suffering, and BHP is likely not to be able to supply sufficient 99.7% purity metal to meet all Continue Reading