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What about regional power grids?

China Hongqiao (also known as Weiqiao) is one of the most profitable companies in China’s aluminium industry. Even when aluminium prices were in the doldrums in the first half of 2014 and most of its peers were suffering losses, Hongqiao still gained more than 2 billion RMB at that period. There are several factors leading Continue Reading

2014 production figures released

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) has published the figures for aluminium production for December and 2014. China came in at 2.48 million tonnes, for a daily production rate of 80,000t.   The monthly figure includes “unreported production” of 300,000t, which is a proxy for Hongqiao’s production, which isn’t in the official figures. Several commentators forget Continue Reading

Hongqiao signs MOU for Guinea Bauxite

China’s Hongqiao Group (CHQ) has announced they have signed an MOU for the acquisition of Target Company, an African company, along with Winning Logistics, also of Africa. According to the MOU, they proposed spending $120M to obtain the rights to develop and produce bauxite over a term of 25 years. Hongqiao will hold 90% shares Continue Reading

Overseas expansion: a tough way to self-save

As the world’s largest aluminium producer and consumer, China’s alumina refinery production is forecast to grow by nearly 17 million tonnes by 2018, and a further 40 million tonnes by 2030. But due to the Indonesian government’s ban on mineral exports, China is facing a growing shortage of bauxite. Based on AZ China’s Black China Continue Reading

Rainy day coming?

A quick look at China’s import statistics for bauxite reveals how seriously at least one company is taking the looming deadline for Indonesian ore exports. Shandong’s Hongqiao, a publicly listed company, has purchased 10.5 million tonnes of bauxite to the end of June this year.   Given that they produce only 2 million tonnes of Continue Reading

Getting closer to reality

An announcement from Indonesia today represents another step towards Chinese alumina producers matching their words with actions. Indonesia has been warning exporters of base metals ores such as bauxite and nickel ore, that come 2014, only those exporters who have built value-add capacity in that country will get export licences. A number of Chinese companies Continue Reading

Restrictions on smelting capacity – part 4

Another outcome from the announcement last week about Beijing’s call for restrictions on new aluminium smelters is the rush to IPO for some. We understand that Hong Qiao, owners of the Shandong Weiqiao smelter, are rushing to revive their listing application.   Readers may recall that Hong Qiao started the listing process back in January, Continue Reading