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Who is AZ China?



AZ China Limited was established in 2006. Our diverse team is comprised of consulting and industry experts with over 40 years of experience. Although we have a strong aluminium background, we also have expertise in a broad range of sectors, with skills ranging from chemical engineering to economics.

Mr. Paul Adkins is the Managing Director of AZ China Ltd. and has many years of experience in the aluminium industry. He previously worked for Alcoa, Alcan Australia, and Tomago Aluminium. At the end of 2004, Alcan appointed him to set up its Global Sourcing office in Beijing. Upon completion of that project, he elected to stay in Beijing, eventually establishing AZ China. Paul has an MBA from University of Newcastle in Australia and frequently speaks at industry-related conferences.


In the aluminium and related raw materials sector, we support our clients through targeted, in-depth market analysis of the primary aluminium, carbon and black products markets. We publish reports and analyses on the aluminium market and all the various raw materials, as well as looking at broader subjects such as how China’s economy might affect the sector, and how Chinese government policy impacts the industry. We are the only analysts who write on the Chinese market from inside China yet with a Western, smelter point of view.

AZ China holds several events each year.  Our conferences are well known as being focused on discovery and insight, not just one-way slide presentations.  As well, we conduct field trips during the year, taking you inside the industry.  Because we have excellent access to the industry players, we can take clients to discover for themselves what is making the industry tick.

In addition to our regular industry reports, we provide a wide range of consulting services. We specialize in helping Western companies who are interested in entering the Chinese market. We are also able to assist anyone who wishes to purchase raw materials from this dynamic yet complex market. We also provide specialist-sourcing advice to manufacturers and secondary industry purchasing managers who are looking for reliable, high-quality Chinese suppliers. Whether you are selling to China, buying from China or are competing against Chinese companies, AZ China can help you.


In a country where deals and information cannot be taken at face value, having a trusted and knowledgeable partner is paramount. We act on behalf of you, our client. We take no commissions, kickbacks, rebates or secret payments from suppliers.

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